Sunday, 5 November 2017

8 Health Reasons You Should Kiss More Often

Think about the best part of any romantic comedy. Everyone’s favorite moment of these movies is when the tension finally comes to a head and the two leads fall into each other’s arms and start making out.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

12 Best Foods To Eat In The Morning

Despite what you may have heard, eating breakfast isn’t necessary for everyone.

In fact, skipping breakfast may be better than eating many unhealthy breakfast foods.
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Friday, 3 November 2017

6 Facts You Don’t Know About The Peels Of Bananas And Why You Should Eat Them

A lot of people eat bananas but very few of us know the healthy benefits they provide for our bodies, especially the nutritious value the peels provide.
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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Five Amazing Things That Happen When You Drink Water First Thing Every Morning

Water is a very important part of our daily diet. It quenches our thirst, helps digest the food we eat, hence, it’s utterly essential for our survival.

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mark Ignored His Mother All His Life But In Her Coffin He Found Something He Didn’t Know He’d Lost

Their love is the easiest to take lightly because they must continue to show sincere love and care for their children in spite of the reactions they get. And it’s truly a miracle how they get hurt by the actions and words of their errant kids so often; only to love these kids all over again.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017


Written by Merit Ogbonna

Hmm, I have a confession to make;

... I hate weddings! Yes I do.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

How To Put To Work The Things You Learn In Church

One of the things that makes Christianity or the church boring to people is that they never really get to practice what they learn in Church, they just go to church on Sundays, listen to the sermons and after everything just drop their Bibles and sermon notes somewhere till the next Sunday. If you live your Christian life this way, you will never enjoy it and you will never be on fire for God. Therefore, it is important that we learn how to put to work the things we learnt in church so that we don't fall out of the faith or be referred to as "hearers only".

Before we proceed, you must know that for you to put something to work, you must have learnt it first and then for you to learn, you must have positioned yourself in a learning center. And where is the learning center for God's word? The church. So this means that you must not miss church services because the church is the place you'd learn the things you ought to put to work. Also make sure you always take notes. 

Now, below are steps to guide you in putting the word to work. 

  • Be willing 

It starts with a willing heart. Make up your mind that you're going to practice what you learn and that you're not just going to Church to warm the seat or to "fulfill all righteousness".

  • Take it personally 

When the sermon is going on, never see it as a message for another person or another group of individuals. Personalize it, see it as God's message to you and make a decision right there to make it work in your life.

  • Don't argue with the word. 

Some people are fond of this, someone is teaching you something from the word and you're already arguing why you can't do it or why it's impossible to follow it, that's sad. For example, you're being taught about fornication being a sin and while the teaching is going on, you are already arguing in your mind saying "It is impossible these days not to involve in fornication because you have to 'test' or 'taste' first who you want to marry". By this, you've shut your heart to the word and it would not benefit you. And do you think God is unwise? Do you think he'll tell you to abstain from something if it's impossible? Do you think God is a man who would just give you a task he hasn't given you the ability to accomplish? I can hear some people still arguing right now, stop!
Instead of giving yourself excuses why you can't carry out the word, it's better to wait and ask questions from people (who are matured in the things of God) on how to go about it. Don't argue with the word. Open your heart to it and receive it. 

  • Don't try to reason it with your brain. 

Yes. Don't try to reason it with your brain. Once you're sure that it's the voice of the Spirit to you, don't try to calculate what will happen and what will not if you do the word, just do it because it says so. For example, we've learnt to pay our tithes, what should you do? You know it's an instruction from the Spirit, do not try to start reasoning what you could do with the ten percent if you keep it. Don't start asking questions about what the Church would use your money for if you give it. The word says "give it" and you should give it, what happens after with it is not your concern. You have obeyed God's word and that is your own part to play, leave God to take care of the rest. 

  • Be consistent. 

If the word admonishes you to study, study and study consistently. Make out a plan and follow it. If you're in a Department in church rendering service to God (which he tells us to do), be consistent, don't function in a service and then relax for the next two months, always make yourself available no matter the challenge. Another example is the tithe, when you give it, keep giving anytime you get an income, that way it would become easier for you and become a habit and God will start opening your eyes to more revelations. 

I'll stop at this point for now. You can tell me what you think or ask your questions by making a comment. 

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

7 Signs That Your Girlfriend Will Lead You Into Poverty

Some girls are just naturally destroyers of destiny. When they come to you, things just start to go down the drain without you even noticing. And when these happens to boys, most times they are blinded by love and do not even know the signs. 
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

6 Reasons You Need A Pastor In Your life

In today's world where there is lack of respect for spiritual authority and so much bad talks and accusation about men of God, people find it difficult to refer to a particular person as their pastor or man of God probably for the fear of being deceived or duped by the Pastor or being seen as a weak fellow for having "a Pastor". 

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Friday, 15 September 2017

7 Ways To Know When Your Smartphone Is "Using" You

You might be wondering how this can be possible.  How can something inanimate use a person? But it is very possible. I'll call it a "spirit". Your Smartphone can actually be using you without you knowing and you may keep on deceiving yourself and be thinking you are the one using it.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

6 Annoying Ways Girls Behave When You Don't Give Them The Attention They Desire

I made a post sometime ago on signs to look out for when a girl likes you. This is a kind of continuation of that post, this is what happens when you ignore a girl who really likes you. 

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

7 Signs That A Girl Is Trying To Seduce You

Last week, I made a post on how to escape seduction from girls and there were a lot of reactions. A lot of guys admitted to  the fact that they don't think they'll be needing to escape seduction while some others appreciated the post. However that post has necessitated the need for this because there's no way you would successfully escape seduction without knowing the signs first.
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Monday, 21 August 2017

7 Tips to escape seduction from girls

From time to time, handsome or rich guys do have to face temptation from girls. It might be worse when you are both rich and handsome, you will be chased by girls on every side and they will try all they can do to make you theirs or get a taste of your money.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Funny Ways Unserious Students Behave When It is Time For Exams

We are all aware that at the end of every term or semester in any school, there is an exam to test the student's abilities and knowledge. The purpose of the exercise at the end is to examine the students and determine if they have learnt anything and how much of the things they learnt they can recall. Although being promoted to the next level is dependent on the success of students in their examination, it is sad that students see promotion to the next level as the real reason for exams.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

4 Ways Your Smartphone Could Be Harming You

All over the world now, we are in the age of technology. Life and everything in the world has been made easier by continual advancement of technology. One of the results of technology advancement includes the use of smartphones in today's world. 
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