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3 Lessons You Need If you want to meet Your "Mr Right" in 2017

Well, I don't really write on matters like this but my experience with people the few last days of the 2016 has prompted me to pick my pen. I met three different women (or permit me to call them girls) whose main prayer point and desire for 2017 was to find Mr. Right. And this desire is not just a passive one, they are really desperate to get this desire. 

Five Things To Do In Preparation for 2017

It's just five days to the end of 2016 and the world anticipates 2017. For some 2016 was a great year, from the beginning of the year till now, they've had so many achievements and successes. For some others, it came and passed as usual, there was nothing special or different about the year while for many others, it was a bad year; they had things go roughly for them.

LOVE : The Reason For Christmas

The Christmas season is one that comes with joy, laughter and celebration. It is usually characterized by merriment and celebration in our homes. Many people make use of this opportunity to drink and party around town, some take it as an opportunity to visit their villages and hometowns which they have not visited for a long time. But the sad thing is that people always tend to forget the real reason for the season, they forget what the celebration is all about.

4 Tips To Enjoy Your Christmas And New Year in this Recession

The Christmas and new year holidays are fast approaching and there are a lots of people making plan on how to enjoy it to the fullest. And it is a known fact that it requires money for you to enjoy it the way you really want to but the recession in the nation could really affect the enjoyment of an average Nigerian.

5 things to consider before you join a cult

The act of cultism is now rampant in our society. Even with the several warnings against it, a lot of young ones still get into it. I know some are actually coerced into it but research shows that more than 80℅ willingly join. It actually means there's something in it that seems attractive to them. What could that be, is it the power the cult promises? Or the money some of these cult members flaunt? Funny enough, most of these guys are dead broke and rely on bullying innocent young ones and students to force out the little monies from their hands.

4 Types Of Barbing Salon In Nigeria

The craft of barbing is now so popular in Nigeria and a lot of young people(mostly men) are venturing into the business. You can hardly pass through a street in town without finding a salon there, no matter how small it is. Each barbing salon would display the characteristics of the "Oga at the top", that is, the main barber or owner of the salon. Using Lagos as a case study, here are four types of salon you can find.