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4 Types Of Barbing Salon In Nigeria

The craft of barbing is now so popular in Nigeria and a lot of young people(mostly men) are venturing into the business. You can hardly pass through a street in town without finding a salon there, no matter how small it is. Each barbing salon would display the characteristics of the "Oga at the top", that is, the main barber or owner of the salon. Using Lagos as a case study, here are four types of salon you can find. 

The DJ Studio Barbing Salon

This kind of salon is characterized with loud playing of songs. The barber has several mix of different DJs in town and would not stop disturbing the environment with music as far as there is electricity, especially during evening time.

The Apprentice Filled Barbing Salon

This kind of salon may be an annoying one to visit sometimes, especially when you're someone who does not like having a crowd gather around you. When your hair is being worked on here, you may get confused as you may not know the real person cutting your hair. There would be up to 5 or 7 other people standing beside the main barber and turning around with him as he does the work.

The movie theatre Salon

The main barber here is a movie lover. The type of movie he watches is dependent partly on his interest and more on his friends' interest. You would always find his friends seated at the waiting seat for customers, watching and discussing the movie. The annoying thing about this type of salon is that the barber may sometimes lose focus and concentrate on the movie for several minutes.

The executive salon

This is arranged in a professional way, you don't find a lot of boys hanging around the place. Even if a song or movie is playing on TV, the volume is usually low and wouldn't cause disturbance to anybody. Most times, this kind of salons are usually fully air-conditioned and well furnished.
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