Tuesday, 13 December 2016

5 things to consider before you join a cult

The act of cultism is now rampant in our society. Even with the several warnings against it, a lot of young ones still get into it. I know some are actually coerced into it but research shows that more than 80℅ willingly join. It actually means there's something in it that seems attractive to them. What could that be, is it the power the cult promises? Or the money some of these cult members flaunt? Funny enough, most of these guys are dead broke and rely on bullying innocent young ones and students to force out the little monies from their hands.

It should be noted that no matter how harmless joining a cult may look (a lot of young ones are deceived with the lies that the cult is just for protecting and supporting members), that single step will turn your life around forever. Here are some points to put into consideration before taking the step. 

  • There's no turning back

For most cult groups, if not all, you don't have the opportunity of backing out once you're in. They believe that once you're initiated, you have already learnt some of their secrets and you're going to let it out to someone who is not a member, who may even be an enemy of the group. So once you reveal your intension of backing out, you'll be issued a strong warning and if you go ahead to separate yourself from them, they will come for your life. 

  • Your life is no longer safe 

Yes, I know one of the stories they tell you before and when you newly join a cult is how you are now protected and untouchable but please don't be deceived, you've just signed in for something that could cause your death at a tender age. 
Even though everything may seem fine and you may enjoy the new 'power' you've gotten (probably the confidence to bully other students or having a gun or a knife always with you), you should know that someday and somehow trouble will strike. This is inevitable. You'll be required to fight for your life. 
You may be faced with people who know how to use these weapons more than you do and you'll eventually be defeated.

  • Your Future is at stake.

Definitely, you can't predict your future anymore. Why? Because the activities of the cult won't let you face your life and plan a great future. The first thing is that you're distracted from your studies if you're a student, you would also be distracted from your job and responsibilities at home if you're already in the working class (a lot of people who join at school still remain after school).

  • You have to make weird sacrifices

Hey! A cult is not an Haven. You'll be required to do some tedious and inconvenient things always. For example, you may be asked to get guns and bullets for a certain operation. You won't be given a choice. When you consult older members of the cult on how to make the money for this weapons or get it without buying, they'll ask you to use your brain and get it by force. This will certainly lead you to armed robbery. Funny enough, this may just be the goal of the assignment, to turn you into a robber whom they can send on other robbery assignments, they may not be interested in the weapons they actually asked for.

  • You live a purposeless life

This is the saddest part of all. Your life becomes one without a meaning at the end. All you will know how to do will be to cause sorrow and grief in other people's life and you'll become a nuisance to the society. You'll become a tool in the hands of some rich men to cause violence and disturb the peace of certain places.

This is what you become when you join a cult, a nuisance and a person without a purpose/vision in life. There are other points I may have omitted, I may bring it to you in another post soon. Follow my new blog to follow the discussion.

Shun cultism and every act of violence.

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