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Five Types Of Girls You Find in Church Choirs

In every church, the choir is one of the significant (most times the most significant) departments. It usually has the largest number of members than other departments and a large population of members in the department are usually young people. 

5 Things Cultists Look out for before they plan to recruit you

Last week Tuesday, we dealt on eight things that makes Young people join cults. There we discussed what attracts young ones into cultism and how cultists also lure them into it.

5 Signs to know if your Girlfriend is a "Cheerful Giver"

Today, we've got another interesting post about relationships. I know most of you already know what I mean by "Cheerful Giver" but I'll still explain it for the benefit of those who may not. 

8 Reasons Young Ones Join Cults

Late last year, I made a post concerning things you should consider before joining a cult. There I made mention of five salient points. Read it now in case you've not done so yet. After that post, I got a lot of reactions from people. Most people are asking the questions as to why a normal human being would join a cult having heard of dangers attached to it. I've decided to come up with this post to address this question and also make these points known to people, so that they could work towards avoiding or overcoming them.

3 Reasons Some Teenagers can't stop having sexual intercourse

Last week Friday, I pointed out the problem of rampant pregnancies of teenagers in our society recently and we came to the conclusion that the only cause for this problem is the early involvement of teenagers in sexual intercourse. If you've not read that article, click HERE to read it now. 

5 Things to do to ensure your success in 2017

Last week, I made a post on "How to Avoid Failure in 2017" and I promised to bring to you practical steps to follow in this week's post. But before we start with the practical steps, I'll like to make a quick review of last week's article.

Rise In The Occurrence Of Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy is supposed to be a situation of joy, as it is the gateway to motherhood. When the "right person" gets pregnant, the news brings happiness to her and the people around her. 

How to avoid failures in 2017

The new year always begins with joy, merriment and hope for better days ahead. Why is it so? People love to celebrate life, they're glad that they made it into the year, regardless of whatever they might have faced in the past year.