Friday, 13 January 2017

3 Reasons Some Teenagers can't stop having sexual intercourse

Last week Friday, I pointed out the problem of rampant pregnancies of teenagers in our society recently and we came to the conclusion that the only cause for this problem is the early involvement of teenagers in sexual intercourse. If you've not read that article, click HERE to read it now. 

Today, we're going to be dealing with the causes of uncontrolled sexual urges. Even though we may be focusing on teenagers and using them as our case study, these discussion also applies to adults. 
Before I proceed further, we just register the fact that development at adolescent stage makes one more sexually sensitive. The body begins to produce hormones required for sexual activities. Right. So a teenager has to be taught about this by parents or guardians, the school also plays it's own part. These developments and hormones are given to us for our benefits, not to control us. 
Even though parents teaches their children that sexual intercourse is meant for adults, we still have a lot of them involving themselves in it. I'll be explaining below three major reasons why teenagers and even kids are attracted to sexual intercourse. 

The media portrays it as enjoyable. 
Hey! Is it enjoyable? Yes, it is. So, the media may not be wrong portraying it that way. But where they are wrong is portraying it in materials meant to watched and listened to by teenagers and kids.
Take some of Nigerian musics for example. They glorify sexual intercourse and our kids and teens are allowed to listen to and watch these videos. When a boy sees a male artiste he admires, holding a girl's waist and rubbing his front against her backside vigorously, with his face showing his enjoyment, the boy immediately gets the idea that the act is something enjoyable and he'll wish to do it too. Also, the girl child who consistently sees a female artiste also presenting her bum to a male in a video would see nothing wrong with it. No matter the 'advice' or 'preaching' you give to her, she'll love the act as far as she keeps seeing her favorite female artiste enjoy the act. 
Another way the media promotes this problem is through movies, but the parents have more blames here. A lot of Nigerian parents are fond of keeping their kids with them while watching movies rated 18+. They don't think this is harmful but it is. Picture this: Your girl child who loves Mercy Johnson, watches her in a movie, moaning loudly and passionately as a male bangs her. Even if the nakedness of the two actors are not shown, a message has already being passed. "If Mercy enjoys this thing, I also will enjoy it" your girl's mindset would change unconsciously, even she may not be aware of the change. She'll only find herself enjoy what Mercy enjoys whenever she gets the opportunity with the guy who claims to 'love her' (as the movie may have suggested, Mercy may have done it with her lover).

Influence of Peer group

This is one reason why parents have to observe who their children's friends are. Even if you don't know all (you can't know all), try your best to know the closest ones, they're the ones who have the most influence on them (the teenagers).
I had sexual intercourse with an agemate before I was eight. I hear you say "Hmm" but your kid may have done the same. Oh! You say never? Ask my parents today and they'll tell you I never did such too. They trusted me so much, in fact I was a 'Pastor' when I was growing, lol. How did it happen? Of course, I wasn't faking my 'Pastor' but I had watched in several movies, these sexual acts, even though not explicit (I mean there might be no nakedness shown, it could be done under a sheet). I remember I had very well, I was aroused one day while watching a movie with my uncle; the scene was a club house and girls were twerking. I was less than eight. 
But I still never did it myself till I saw a friend with a girl doing so, this friend encouraged me and told me how sweet it was, that gave me the boldness to do the same with the same girl. And I as I grew up as a teenager, I did with any girl that showed interest. It continued until I began to take my life in Christ serious and began to learn self control. 

Books they read.

There are lots of romance books which describes sexual activities so explicitly, I read a lot of them when I was a teenager. This also promoted the urge to have sexual intercourse.

You may be reading this as an unmarried adult and you've tried to control your sexual urge but always failed, I tell you it could have started when you were little. And if you still watch movies and music videos that promote it, you've only just begun.

Well, I say to parents, teach your teenagers the right things. Expose them to only the right movies, don't allow them watch 18+. Encourage them not to listen to songs that promote sex. Also help them select the right novels and story books. Well, it may be difficult but God can help you and guide you more. 

I have to drop my pen here. Send in your questions, comments and additions.


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  2. Hello Dannie, we don't have such posts now but we'll make so many available as goes. You can check the Inspirational page for some articles that might help you


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