Tuesday, 17 January 2017

8 Reasons Young Ones Join Cults

Late last year, I made a post concerning things you should consider before joining a cult. There I made mention of five salient points. Read it now in case you've not done so yet. After that post, I got a lot of reactions from people. Most people are asking the questions as to why a normal human being would join a cult having heard of dangers attached to it. I've decided to come up with this post to address this question and also make these points known to people, so that they could work towards avoiding or overcoming them.

Cultists are always looking for people to join them, they're looking for people who they can pass their violent acts and behaviours to and people who can also work for them and work with them. Most times, they are always on the look out for some qualities, and when they find these qualities in anyone, the person becomes their prospective victim and they seek for a way to lure such person into the cult. However this post will only focus on the reasons young ones join cults, another post will be made next week Tuesday that'll address the qualities cultist look for.

Below are the reasons people join cults

  • Desire for power 

The desire for influence or power to control others and cause fear in the hearts of people is one of the major reasons young ones join cults. Most times, people with this objective joins willingly. I've seen and been told of several instances where a non cult member walks up to a notorious cultist and tells him that he'll like to join his cult because he likes their way of life. Check out some of these cultists Facebook pages and groups and you'll see people (non cultists) making comments on how they saw a cult member humiliate a victim and how they liked the action and want to be like that too.

  • The desire to be "accepted" or the desire to feel among.

What do I mean by this? Some people join cults because they don't want to be classified as a "Jew", they don't want to be seen as a coward or sissy. This happens when most of the person's friends are cultists, they make some of their lifestyles look so good to the person and make it look as if he or she is lesser or not up to their class.

  • Bad upbringing and examples 

This is one of the major factors, if not the most important. A child that is not being taught the right way of life from his early years would definitely grow up with bad characters and when he sees people with the same characters in a cult, he'll join them because he feels he's one with them.

Also when a child gets the wrong example from parents or elder ones, especially when the elder one is in a cult, there are high possibilities of the child joining when he or she grows up.

  • Bad correction techniques 

When parents do not correct their children the right way, it could make the child feel unloved. He'll definitely be attracted to anyone who shows affection to him, even if the person is of bad character.

  • Bad influence of friends and the society.

This is somehow connected to the point two and could be overlooked as the same, but it is a bit different. It is different in the sense that you may not desire to feel among but you just see it as the normal way of life because that's the way you see everything around you. So, this person just joins without even thinking about it, it just looks like the normal thing to do.

  • In reaction to being oppressed

A person who is constantly harassed by cult members could be led to join a rival cult so as to have support or boldness and stop the harassment. This also applies when a person's loved one is being oppressed or killed by a cult.

  • Being forced into it

Sometimes, victims are forced to join cults against their wish. They may be threatened with death until they finally give in.

  • Being deceived into it.

A victim might just invited to join a social club or fun group which would be presented harmless, only after the person signs up will he be allowed to see the real thing but he will not be given a chance to back out.

At this junction, I'll ask for your additions and comments.

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    1. Thanks for reading Kingsley, do share our links with others too, so they can learn


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