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Five Types Of Girls You Find in Church Choirs

In every church, the choir is one of the significant (most times the most significant) departments. It usually has the largest number of members than other departments and a large population of members in the department are usually young people. 

The older members of the church are usually in other departments like ushering, counselling or always seating at the front row in church. 
Most times, girls makes up to seventy five percent of the choir, the guys only make twenty five percent out of which are the instrumentalists(girls sometimes could be instrumentalists but this is very rare). 
Girls display different characters both at choir rehearsals and when seated at the choir stand during services. With these, I've been able to classify them into five. 

  • The Spirit Filled girls.

This is the class of girls who are in the choir because they have the passion to sing and bless people with their voices. They also have the passion to lead people in soulful worship and render undiluted service to God. They don't dress provocatively and when they lead the worship session, there's always a manifestation of the spirit. 
They usually share things with and encourage other choir members who are not serious. They come for service early and get prepared in the spirit before the service starts. 

  • The Fashion parade girls

This class of girls may or may not have passion for the choir or for leading people in worship. Most times, what they want to display is their beautiful clothes when they sit at to front. And anytime they are to lead worship, they dress in their most expensive clothes and would focus more on people admiring their beautiful clothes on stage rather than helping the congregation connect to God through their songs.

  • The Dressed to kill girl

This is quite different from the other point above. These girls are not just dressed to show their beautiful or expensive clothes in church, they are dressed to put men in trouble. They are mostly on revealing dresses and short skirts which shows their hot legs and thighs. When such girls lead worship, some carnal men would not close their eyes but focus on their legs throughout the worship session, finding a way to connect to the girl's legs instead of to God. These girls also dress like this to distract the boys in choir or to get the attention of the handsome and talented keyboardist, they'll be eying boys during the rehearsals and you'll find them chatting with brothers in dark places, late at night after the choir rehearsals end. 
But most times, these ladies are not allowed to lead worship in church but placed at the choir backseat except the choir leader is a male who also enjoys their hot legs or a female who dresses the same way. 

Hmm... Cheerful givers here are not those who give large amounts of money during offering time, I mean something entirely different. I made a post about this before, read it here if you've not done so
Boys in the choir especially instrumentalists would have been beneficiaries of their "benevolence".

  • The Perfect pitched girls

This group could also be in any of the groups I mentioned above. They have the best voice in their choir and can lead any song and sing on any key comfortably. This makes them a very useful part of the choir as they would always be handed the mic for their voice to sound out. 

You can add your own to the list.

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