Tuesday, 24 January 2017

5 Things Cultists Look out for before they plan to recruit you

Last week Tuesday, we dealt on eight things that makes Young people join cults. There we discussed what attracts young ones into cultism and how cultists also lure them into it.

Now it's important for us to note that cultists don't just go to anyone, they don't just find any young person on the street and make him their prospective victim. There are somethings they see in young people before they start attempting to get them to join. This post has been made to reveal some of these things and I hope that young one would caution themselves after reading this and pick up the right behaviours. 

Below are some things which attracts Cultists to young ones;

  • Your dressing 

The popular saying "The way you dress is the way you'll be addressed" has proved to be accurate. If you dress like a nonentity, you'll definitely be addressed as one. 

I once heard a story from a friend, while she was still seeking admission into the University, went to visit one of her known lecturers in the University. She was dressed in a pink top with pink shoes to match, she also had on pink lip sticks and carried a pink bag. She said before she got to the lecturers office, a group of five girls stopped her on the road just to compliment her about her looks. They said they loved her combination and were already touching her hair as they admired. They offered to be of help to her and she innocently gave one her number. She was surprised on getting to the lecturers office and was scolded for wearing such combination. The lecturer she went to visit later explained that a particular cult group wears it. From then on, she became careful with her combinations and even changed her number. 

I'm not saying combining beautiful colors and clothes are wrong, but you see, when you get to some environments like this, you just have to put off somethings to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to yourself.

Also, for a male who constantly sags, puts on earrings, nose rings, neck chains etc. You may not be a "bad boy", in fact we all know people dresses like this and are just entertainers but I'll advice that you dress as simple as possible when you come into an area you know you can be tempted.

  • The way you talk

They look out for the way you address people. For example, when you talk rudely to or threaten a lecturer boldly, they may take interest in you. They'll regard you as "fearless" and believe you'll be useful to them.

  • Where you hang around.

Do you stay all evening in the same joint dangerous guys pass out time? Your friendship with them may just start casually and before you know it, you start sitting on the same table with them to drink and then they invite you to other functions. 

  • Your friends 

When you have a close friend who just entered into a cult, my advice to you is to cut off the friendship wisely. Once the person remains your close friend, you'll definitely end up joining too. This is because you will get to know some of his secrets and even some of his co-members may be asking him about you. 

  • You display a violent attitude 

If you are a type that fights with people or curse publicly, they'll believe that you can be an asset to them; you can help them cause trouble in places. This will make them look for more information about you.

To prevent them being attracted to you, try to be as decent as possible. Don't strike any deal with them, it may be the same thing they'll just to threaten you into it. Be as calm as possible, don't get into unnecessary fights and arguments and also stay away from friends who possess bad qualities.

Shun cultism and every act of violence.

Drop your comments and questions you have. 


  1. You're indeed correct. I've hard a couple of stories of the same reason for being approached by cukt members. More power to your elbow.


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