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Monday, 20 February 2017

Beware Of Good Friends

Hello! I've been quite busy recently. Anyways, thank God I finally came up with a new post. This is for everybody, children, teens, young adults and even adults. But I'll like the Teens and Young adults to follow keenly. 

At this point, I want you to read the title of this discussion again. Are you through? You may be wondering what I mean by that. You may ask in your mind, "Why should I be careful with good friends?" I'll explain to you, just read on. 

To answer your question, I will like to mention four types of friends we keep. 

  • Good friends 

  • Bad friends 

  • Right friends 

  • Wrong friends 

Good friends 

Good friends are friends who are seemingly "good" for us. They love us and have good intentions in their hearts towards us. They always like to be around us and share things with us. They make us happy always, fight with us, cry with us and rejoice with us. Good friends most times do seem to be the "Perfect type". But sadly, someone being a good friend does not mean you have to keep him or her. 

He may be good, posses some good characters and protect you always but may still be not be the friend for you. Keep reading, you'll understand where I'm going to with this. 

Bad friends 

Like the name implies, bad friends are ones who do not possess the good characters. They could be abusive, rude, unaccommodating etc. Bad friends do not have your interest at heart, they're just your friends because they want to steal or get something from you. If you gain something from a bad friend, do not count it as profit because you're going to finally lose something ten times bigger. 

People avoid bad friends and I advise you should too.

Right friends 

Do you think this is the same as Good friends? No, they are not the same. A  friend may be a good one and be the right one, he or she could also be good and not be the right friend for you or vice versa. 

Who is a right friend? A right friend is the appropriate friend for you. But how can someone be good but not right? Read the example below. 

Here is Tobi, he is sixteen years old. He has two friends, Tayo and Tolu. Out of these three people, Tobi has a passion for football, he is extraordinarily good at it and wants to have it as a future career. It is obvious to everyone watching that Tobi would be successful if he takes the football career path. Now, Tobi is not doing as well as the others in school but not doing bad as well (not because of his dedication to football).

The two friends knowing his dedication to football training and practice comes to advise him to do better in his studies. Tayo comes and tells Tobi to stop playing football and face his books alone, that when he becomes successful in life he would have time to play very well. Tolu comes also but instead of telling Tobi to drop football, commends and compliments him as a good footballer and even says something like "I can't wait to see you play for a big club in future, I'll be your biggest fan". Then he adds, "But you need to also improve on your studies, having excellent grades and doing well in your studies would increase your chances of playing internationally and would increase your knowledge, make you more informed than other footballers who didn't pass through school. You have to learn how to manage your time well"

These two friends are good and advised Tobi with good intentions. But only one recognized Tobi's passion and encouraged him, the other saw the passion as just a distraction. 

Right friends are friends who can help you in fulfilling your dreams. If they're just good friends, they may wish and pray you succeed but may not be adding anything to your life that'll lead you to that success. Keep good friends- friends who possess good characters and love you but keep more friends who can inspire you to greatness and help you in becoming that thing you want to be - the right friends.

Wrong friends 

These are the opposite of right friends. Like I've explained above, good friends could be wrong sometimes.  Wrong friends may be "good people" but they are not just good for you. They would not add value to your life but instead deduct, even if they have good intentions. 

I'll continue on how to identify the right friends some other time. Do subscribe to our newsletter below. Drop your comments and send in your questions.

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