Monday, 27 February 2017

The Wickedness And Insanity in Jungle Justice

Jungle justice, a common occurrence in the Nigerian society has been condemned several times online and offline, by the government and even individuals but the condemnation seems not to have any effect on this barbaric act as it is still being carried out in different parts of the country.

My post will speak in direct terms, I intend to get you thinking and make a difference with this.

Sometimes, I try to imagine how a human being who also feels pains will pick a dangerous weapon and continue to hit his fellow human being until he/she becomes severely injured, faints, loses a body part or even die. Sometimes, the main intention of these callous people is to kill the one who the jungle justice is being delivered to. You'll see them already running around, looking for tyres, petrol and matches to set a human being like themselves on fire. What wickedness! How can a normal reasoning person do this? Only criminals and devils will do this. People who carry out jungle justice are criminals, they are like animals and deserves to be beaten the same way themselves. 

Oh! You think I'm getting too harsh? But I'm just saying the bitter truth. If you've ever being involved in this act and you clamoured for a tyre, matches and petrol to kill your fellow human being, you've reduced yourself to an animal. 

You may want to give some reasons to support the action of these people or support yourself if you're one of those who do this but I tell you there's no reason enough for you to beat a person in the most inhumane manner. I agree that the person must have stolen, I agree he or she must have done something really bad but do you ever stop to think before you start or join those beating the person? Let me ask this question; Have you ever experienced any jungle justice where the person to be punished is first questioned before the beating starts? 

Your answer is most likely "No". The truth is that most of those who beat them may not even be present when the person was carrying out the crime he was accused of. They just heard an alarm and they picked up something very dangerous without even thinking and all that stays on their mind is brutalizing the accused. 

Imagine this: You were in your shop one hot afternoon and you just heard "Ole, Ole", "thief, thief" and you saw people running. Instantly, without asking any questions, you just carried a rod and started pursuing with them. You guys caught the thief and you started wiping your rod on him without stopping. Can you describe yourself as mentally stable? No, you're not. 

It's a different case when the thief is pursued and caught, possibly threatened with a weapon so as not to try to escape and led to the right authorities to be delivered justice to. But when the reason for the pursue is to subject the person to a barbaric treatment, then those involved are wicked criminals themselves. 

If you say the right authorities may not do the right thing and that's why you're delivering justice yourself but what about handing the accused over and monitoring to ensure that the right punishment is melted or who made you the person to deliver justice to another? If you say that the above suggestion won't work, there are still many ways to go about it which cannot be treated in this post but the truth is your eagerness and zeal to unleash wickedness and terror on the accused would not allow you think. Once you just hear "Ole, Ole" , your adrenaline starts pumping and you can't control yourself anymore. 

Anybody who is capable of killing someone else or joining hands to kill someone else or watching and cheering while someone is being killed or brutally handled is capable of wickedness and is a criminal too.

Several have died, including lots of innocent ones during jungle justice, many have been rendered incapacitated and totally useless. Before you join hands to incapacitate an accused, ask yourself:

- What if this person is innocent? 

And if the accused is confirmed to be guilty, ask yourself 

- Am I a saint? Or am I sinless?

And ask yourself again 

- Killing or incapacitating this person, what does it make me? A killer or a good judge? A criminal or a smart person? 

I'll stop right here. I'll like to get your comments, questions and suggestions on what to do to curb jungle justice or what could be done instead of it.

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