Sunday, 26 March 2017

5 Reasons You Should Join A Department in Church

Happy Sunday. I've seen a lot of folks who don't go to a particular church. They attend the services of different churches every week and when you ask them where they worship, some will boldly tell you they have up to five or six churches they attend and when you question them or ask them why, they'll say "God is everywhere and I can worship my God anywhere".

Even though I agree that God is everywhere and that you can worship him everywhere, I still believe that one should get committed to a local assembly and this belief is strongly backed by the word (the Bible). Now, I'm not trying to promote denominationalism, I don't care the name of the church you attend but once you choose a particular church (after being sure they preach the true gospel and that's it's the place for you to be), you should stick to that church and get committed there not jumping around from one church to another because that won't help you. Explained below are reasons why you should be committed to a church and benefits you accrue from joining a department.

It helps your service to God. 

The local assembly provides us with various opportunities to provide service in the house of God and all of them eventually leads to the goal of winning souls. For example, the usher helps to keep the seating position in an excellent manner and maintain order in the church. This service will lead to the conduciveness of the environment and will enable the sinner hear the word without distraction. The choristers also gives soulful worship thereby creating an atmosphere of the miraculous and stirring faith in the hearts of men to receive the word and divine Impartation. 

Every other departments in the church also has it's important role which cannot be overlooked. A person who jumps from one church to another would not have the opportunity to be part of those rendering these services.

It helps you to be monitored.

You might ask "Am I a kid who needs to be monitored?". Oh Yes, everyone becomes spiritual babies when you give your heart to Christ. And I hear you say "I can read the Bible and grow for myself". Yes, I agree. You can also read the Bible and grow for yourself. But there's a reason God gave us the five fold ministry (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers). It is to build us up unto maturity and the place you find these people are in the church. So saying you don't need them is like saying "The five fold ministry God created is unnecessary and is just a waste of time".

You get to have rich fellowship with brethren 

When you're in a service department or a church group, you'll have other meetings with people aside from Sunday services and mid week services. Here you'll learn more about God and also be inspired by the testimonies of other people.

It gives you an identity and a family 

When you're in a smaller group in church, it brings you close to others in the group. You can easily be identified as "Bro Samuel or Sis Blessing who is in choir or in ushering department".

You also know more about those in your group than the rest of the church and you get to make friends who can help you spiritually and in several other areas. These groups are also the first to  spring into action when you're in an unpleasant situation and you need help. 

However, you should know that you can also learn wrong things from people you find in Church, so be careful in choosing friends. 

It gives you stability

When you're in a particular church and in a department, it'll instill discipline in you. You can't be jumping up and down from one church to another like a child who doesn't have a home. It'll make you stable and you won't have problems with doctrines but if you keep jumping from one church to another, you'll keep hearing different doctrines and messages and if you're not matured enough, you will become confused at the end of the day. 

I drop my pen at this junction. Make sure you locate a department you'll fit it and join today. 

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