Monday, 13 March 2017

Six types of Girls You'll find studying Engineering

The engineering world is one which is mainly dominated by men. This is evident in Nigerian universities and polytechnics, in their engineering faculties and institutions. Out of every hundred engineering students, only between 10 - 1 are females, that's between 10 percent to 1 percent. Most times, they are actually lesser than eight percent.

However, some ladies have tried to prove that where men excel, women can do better, so they chose their specific engineering course of interest and the career but there are several other girls who are there (in schools, studying engineering courses) for other reasons aside from the one mentioned above. 

Highlighted below are the categories of girls who study Engineering and why they are in that category. 

The willing ones 

These are the ones who study an engineering course because they have passion for it and long to have a fulfilling career in engineering. Girls who willingly chose engineering courses are usually brilliant and good at mathematics, you don't find average headed or dull headed girls choosing engineering as their course. This category is usually very rare. 

The "Tired" ones

These are the girls who had to choose the course due to their long stay at home and wait for admission. They may get a rare opportunity to enroll in an engineering school and take the opportunity instead of staying at home for another one year. 

Most times, these ladies drop out or are advised to withdraw after failing important subjects. Only those who are naturally brilliant and able to cope will continue. Some of these girls who are wise or who takes advice from someone else would attempt the entrance exam organized by JAMB into other universities or Polytechnics and select their desired course of study at their first year. If the attempted admission isn't possible, they accept it as fate and continue.

The ones whose courses were changed 

These ones are similar to the one above. They weren't admitted to study their preferred course of study but given an engineering course by the institution. Instead of refusing and staying at home for the next one year, they decide to continue anyhow with the engineering course. 

The one who followed their friends or Boyfriends

This is usually the most common one. Most of the girls who fall into this category are usually very unserious and unguided ones. Just because their boyfriend is studying engineering in a university, they will choose the course so as for both of them to be close to each other.

The ones forced by parents 

This is very rare but it happens. I've seen a girl advised (rather forcefully) by her parents to study an engineering course because they believed that engineering is a more lucrative field than her own preferred choice. 

Those influenced by their elder siblings or other role models. 

This I know happens for sure. As a civil engineering student, I stayed in my aunt's house for sometime before moving to the hostel in my school. So her daughter who was about to write WAEC then would always see me doing my assignments, especially when engineering drawing. She always looks at me impressed with the results of my drawing. Today she's also studying Civil Engineering.

This is just for fun. If you know about females studying Engineering, you can add more reasons why they do.

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