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Friday, 30 June 2017

Six Ways To Know When A Girl Likes You

In most societies, especially in one like Nigeria. It is very rare to find girls declaring to boys that they like them or have a crush on them. You'll hardly find a girl who will boldly admit. Is this because it's wrong? Well I can't say, a lady should be in the best position to answer. 

However, there are signs you see in a girl display that'll make you know that she actually digs you. You may actually get it wrong sometimes anyway, it may just be coincidence but ninety nine percent of when you see these signs, it actually means she likes you. 

Below are the signs you should look out for to know if a girl likes you.

She steals glances at you.

Most times, these happens when a girl sees an handsome guy for the very first time, you may catch her staring at the guy's face, but this doesn't mean she automatically "likes" the guy, she may just appreciate his good looks. However, when you always catch a girl who is not meeting you for the first time stealing glances at you, she definitely likes you. Most shy girls when you catch them in the act will quickly look away and pretend not to even notice that you exist or they may do it not to make themselves look cheap to you. But some bolder ones may smile at you anytime your eyes meets with hers, it shows that she isn't shy to flirt with you.

Her body language 

When a girl likes you, check her body language anytime you have an opportunity to be close to her. Most of them (shy ones) would twitch several times and avoid looking at your face but when she doesn't like you, she'll look as comfortable like a boy staying next to you. However, do not make conclusions without checking for other signs, some girls may just be naturally shy.

How she does things around you. 

When a girl likes you, there's usually this carefulness about her when she's doing something and you're watching. She would not like to make mistakes or give you the wrong impression about her. Even if she's talking with a friend and you're standing or seating close, she applies great care.

How she responds when you talk to her or greet her. 

This is one of the biggest signs you look out for after checking the first three, but do not be deceived if she acts unwelcoming at first. Like I said earlier, she might not want to look cheap to you and may put on some kind of defence when you first approach her but these all stops when you scale through the first instance, she'll happily respond to your greetings after that. Sometimes, she may be too shy to call your attention when you don't see her but if you catch her at that time, you'll definitely see the craving in her eyes to be noticed by you. 

She smiles at you always.

This might not always be accurate. Some people are just born natural smilers and would always smile at anyone they know. And some girls even though they like you might be too shy and some may always try to fight it but deep down inside, they crave for you.

How she touches you. 

This is only seen when you guys are already friends. She will always find ways to touch you, lean or you or even hug you, depending on how close you guys are. She touches you in a way that sends the signal and you cannot deny.

I'll like to stop at this junction but let me make an important note; that she doesn't show these signs does not mean she can't or wouldn't like you some other time. Sometimes, it takes time and knowing you for some people to develop a liking for another. So not seeing these signs should not discourage you from getting closer to a girl you like. 

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