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5 Things You Do That Drives Your Crush Away

A lot of times, we really do not have control over or choose the person we develop a crush on. It usually happens when we just fall in love with a person because of certain qualities we see him or her possess. 

Signing Out in Nigerian Schools

It is no longer strange or weird to see graduating students in different levels of institutions celebrate their passing out in "strange" ways. One of these ways involves the final year student putting on a plain white top and his mates and others celebrating with him by literally signing on his or her top with a marker. This act is the one people call  "signing out".

How To Be More Successful For The Rest OF The Year

Happy New month Fam! Earlier this year, I wrote an article on "Five Things to do to ensure your success in 2018", if you've not read it yet, it's not too late, you can read it now. Today, I'm going to be talking about how to achieve more in the next six months , you may choose to see it as "How to perform better than the first half of the year".