Thursday, 6 July 2017

Signing Out in Nigerian Schools

It is no longer strange or weird to see graduating students in different levels of institutions celebrate their passing out in "strange" ways. One of these ways involves the final year student putting on a plain white top and his mates and others celebrating with him by literally signing on his or her top with a marker. This act is the one people call  "signing out".

Another funny way by which students celebrate their passing out includes soaking the final year student with water and this they start immediately the student finishes his last paper. Some even go as far as soaking dirty things, spoilt and rotten foods in the water they will use to bath him. However, our main focus in this discuss is the signing out culture explained in the first paragraph.

This signing out culture, I believe, began in the Higher Institutions but has now spread to secondary schools and colleges and is being practised yearly. The students choose a day close to the end of the semester or term on which the final year students will put on the white shirts and come with their markers. It is usually seen as a fun filled day, the students takes pictures of people signing on their shirts and themselves signing on others. After that day, the graduates keep their white shirts which has been signed upon and many believe it is to be given to their partner or fiancee when they get one.

The culture, in itself, it's idea is not bad but like most things in Nigeria, it is being abused and done wrongly. The writing of the signatures which is supposed to be done on the shirts are now done on faces of people and other sensitive parts. The most alarming thing about what this culture has turned to is that people, mostly boys now see it as a day which they have free license to harass ladies and touch them at the wrong places.

I always feel quite surprised most times when I see about four to five boys rushing to a girl to sign on her shirt without even taking a look at the boys who are also wearing the white shirts waiting to be signed on. Some of these guys would grab the girl's butt or the twins at the front and sign there, leaving the other places which could be signed on. Sometimes, the harassment is usually so much that a lady being rushed like that will feel so weak after they finish handling her. However, only few cases of collapse or fainting have been reported. But I do wonder why I'm taking panadol for another man's headache when I worry about the harassment these ladies face because they seem not to care about it and it looks like they themselves have agreed that the signing out day is a day given for anyone to touch their bodies anyhow.

Well, it may not be as bad as I have written about it, I just wanted us to talk about it and also read what you think about it. Guys, do you touch the sensitive parts on the ladies' body when you sign on them and do you enjoy it? Ladies, what do you think about it?

I also want to learn how the culture began, so anyone with information on how it started, where it was first done and those who initiated it can make a comment or contact me through the contact page.

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