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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

4 Ways Your Smartphone Could Be Harming You

All over the world now, we are in the age of technology. Life and everything in the world has been made easier by continual advancement of technology. One of the results of technology advancement includes the use of smartphones in today's world. 

Many years ago, phones came into this world and it has continually been developed since then and is still undergoing advancement. Few years ago, we could only make voice calls and send text messages with the phones available. But now is the era of smartphones and we do more than just making calls and receiving/sending text messages. Some people's smartphones are their offices and storage places where they keep important documents and carry out their day to day jobs. Smartphones have made it possible to have thousand of pictures in just one small devices. If it were to be some years back, you will have to have a large album containing paper photos which will occupy a lot of space.  Smartphones nowadays can also be used to do the jobs of computers, and this has made life easier and more comfortable.

Smartphones can however become a liability if we abuse it or if we do not make proper use of it. Listed below are some of the ways smartphones might cause harm to you. 

Your Smartphone can be a distraction to you. 

I've seen a lot of folks who usually get distracted by their phones from their jobs and normal activities they ought to do. They can be distracted by the high quality games they have there, movies and songs they have there, messaging apps or the web which they can access. This will make them inefficient in their work and less productive. 

It can waste so much of your time. 

There has been several times when someone plans to only send a message with his phone which would not take up to a minute but once he or she holds the phone, it could remain in their hands for several hours. This is because a notification might just pop in while the message was being sent or another message enters at that moment. And nowadays where we have lots of social media platforms and apps, we tend to spend more time on the these things than we should actually do. 

It could take some of your money

Right now, data has been made cheap and almost everyone can afford data whether they really need it or not. This has made some people who should have rather invested their monies into other things use the money for data which they are going to waste on social media and won't get any gain from. We can also spend our money on unnecessary mobile apps that would not yield any gain. 

You can get addicted to your smartphone

This has been confirmed to be hundred percent true. Over fifty percent of today's youths and teenagers are addicted to their smartphones instead of their books or educational materials that would help them. So many times, you also find yourself checking your phone too frequently, looking for nothing in particular.

The advantages of smartphones however outweighs the disadvantages but it is just that it can really be disastrous if we do not use our smartphones the way we should.

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