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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

7 Signs That A Girl Is Trying To Seduce You

Last week, I made a post on how to escape seduction from girls and there were a lot of reactions. A lot of guys admitted to  the fact that they don't think they'll be needing to escape seduction while some others appreciated the post. However that post has necessitated the need for this because there's no way you would successfully escape seduction without knowing the signs first.

There are different signs you see that a girl displays when she wants to get you seduced. Sometimes, it might not be in a situation where you can't sleep with her immediately but it would be directed towards wetting your appetite for her and with the aim that you'll long for her and you may even be the one to ask her for the main action. 

Listed and discussed below are ways for you to know if a girl is trying to seduce you. 

The way she looks at you. 

There is a difference when a girl likes you and is staring at you so that you can become friends and there's a difference when a girl is staring at you and requesting for you to take her to bed. It is always obvious in the look in her eyes. She could be making slow winks or twitching her face in her certain way that you might even start to get aroused at the spot. That should make you know immediately what she is looking for. 

The kind of voice she uses for you

This seductive voice is always in a low calm tone, most times as if she's whispering something to you. 

What she calls you and how she compliments you.

This can be quite tricky but when combined with the point above, you should get it right. When she calls you words like Sweetheart, Honey, My Love etc in a kind of seductive voice, it's a sign that she may be asking you for a round or more. And when she also compliments you with things like, "You look hot!", "You must be good in bed" etc, you should know she's willing and ready to experience the hotness. 

When she touches you at sensitive parts.

When a girl starts to touch and rub your chest just to play with you, you should know she's driving at something else. And some may even be bold enough to even place their palms over the region where your male organ is. 

When she presses her body against you unnecessarily.

When a girl wants to seduce you, she constantly presses her chest against your body when standing or sitting close to you, some may even be bold enough to start rubbing or massaging your body with their chest. They will also find opportunities to make you touch their backside or place it on you. For example, by acting like the mistakenly sat on your laps or tripping and falling on your body. 

The way she positions her body before you. 

This is funny. In a case where there's a lot of space to sit or stand, you may just see a girl coming to stand before you but never standing straight, she'll push her backside out in a way that your eyes would be fixed on it. When they're also standing before you, they'll push out their chests so you'll be fully aware of the assets there. One with a very short dress may even bend down before you to let you see what's under the dress.

If she wears very skimpy skirts/gowns and revealing clothes. 

When a girl intends to get you, she always makes sure you see her in clothes which exposes her thighs and cleavage.

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