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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Funny Ways Unserious Students Behave When It is Time For Exams

We are all aware that at the end of every term or semester in any school, there is an exam to test the student's abilities and knowledge. The purpose of the exercise at the end is to examine the students and determine if they have learnt anything and how much of the things they learnt they can recall. Although being promoted to the next level is dependent on the success of students in their examination, it is sad that students see promotion to the next level as the real reason for exams.

When a student goes through the examination and passes without any form of malpractice, it shows that he or she has learnt and has been able to retain or recall what was learnt and then the student is promoted to the next level because it is now believed that he or she has gained more knowledge and ability to continue at the next level. But when a student fails, he is asked to repeat or made to carry over the paper(s) he or she failed. This shows he is required to gain the knowledge or skill required from that course he failed before being allowed to go to the next level.

The points below focuses more on funny ways Unserious students behave when it is Exam time.

The Unserious ones starts purchasing textbooks.

This is really funny. A week to the exam or when the time table is out, you will see some students who have been partying and playing around the whole semester start coming to school regularly and buying textbooks. The funny thing about this is that they may never open the textbooks they buy because once see the book, they will get terrified by the size of the book and the number of pages they are expected to cover. And even the ones that open it, depending on the course may not be able to read or comprehend up to a quarter of the book. This is what happens to them.

They start disturbing their Class Governors and Lecturers with unnecessary calls. 

When the exam time comes up is when the class reps starts receiving calls from these unserious students. Most will start with a few calls just to greet him and then will proceed to asking him the areas where they should concentrate on each courses.

They start disturbing the serious ones.

In most schools, students with matric numbers of close range usually writes their exams in the same Hall. The unserious guys would have already identified the intelligent and serious ones who are likely to write in the same hall with them and would try to bribe them with everything possible ranging from hailing them with words (for example, you could see a twenty five old year guy calling his nineteen year old course mate things like "my oga", "chairman" etc), bribing them with physical things like free lunch, paying for the stationeries needed for exams etc, all these so that the serious guys can open up their answer sheets for them to copy or feed them with answers in the hall.

The ones I call the "semi-serious" ones would do less bribing and more of begging; begging the serious ones to explain some difficult courses to them. Most times, it might just be too late because the serious ones would also be occupied with preparations for their own exams.

They become serious with prayers. 

All through the session, they might have been too busy with hustling or partying to remember God but when the time for exams comes, they remember all the names of God they learnt in primary school and start calling on God to perform miracles in their exams. A lot of them would go to church on that Sunday of the exam week just to pray and ask God for mercy.

This is just for fun. You can add yours to the list.

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