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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Girls and their shameless attitude of demanding things from boys

By Lanre Emmanuel

Good day all. I must first apologize for the topic above; it classifies all girls together whereas there are some (very little; less than thirty percent) who do not display this attitude.

Someone may be wondering why I call this attitude shameless, probably you consider it as something which is normal and nothing serious but I tell you it is shameless. Maybe you don't understand what attitude I'm referring to yet, just follow the post, I will explain my argument.

Now, is it wrong for a girl to request for things from her riends, whether boys or girls? No, it isn't. Or is wrong to request something from your partner? No. There might just be times we have a need and we have no choice than to ask our family members and friends, this is understandable. We are meant to help each other and that's what makes life sweet. This is not what I'm talking about here, I'm saying something very different.

What we're discussing here is more than just a pattern or behavior, it's a mindset. It's the way some ladies' mind have been programmed. They see men as those who have been created to meet their needs. These kind of ladies are those who would start demanding money from a guy they just met. Once he shows his interest in them, they automatically begin to think it's their right to get money and other material things from the guy.

Someone here may be wondering why I'm attributing this character to only ladies but then let me ask; how many times have your seen or heard guys asking for things or depending on ladies for material things? Or how many times have you heard a guy requesting for recharge cards from a girl? Most guys have a self-dependence mentality and know that they have to work and provide for themselves. Even those who are in school would rely on the pocket monies sent to them from their parents or other family members while the girls would keep their own pocket money and spend it on meaningless things and expect to get favour from boys and share the boys money with them.

There used to be this girl in school, Peace (not her real name). Several times, she would ask me to buy snacks or drinks for her and sometimes she may come crying to me that she's hungry. Now, understand that she's not from a poor background and does not lack anything. In fact, the money she gets from home monthly is almost thrice of mine. Now, for the first couple of days after we met, I would always foot the bills when we go to a snacks joint to eat together but then it got to a point that I was low on money and then one day, I asked that she foot the bill since she had the cash but to my surprise, she replied and asked that why should she foot the bill when I'm the guy. Politely, I replied and said the reason was simple; I had no money to pay for that day. She refused to pay and we had no lunch there that day (I don't know if she ate elsewhere later ), what she said was that she could not pay for a guy's meal. That got me thinking seriously the day. So all she thought was that I was footing the bills because she was a girl and not because she was my friend. So in her mind, as a girl, the boys have a responsibility to foot your bills?

I'm still friends with her today and I never pay or buy anything she requests except I'm sure she's really in need of it and does not have the money to pay for it. Well, I can say she's changed a bit now.

But what's my point? I believe you will get it in the following illustrations.

You're a girl. We're both students; undergraduates and not employed in any way. Let's say we are partners - we're dating. I don't work and earn money but you expect me to meet a certain need of yours or buy something for you. My question is will it be fair if I'm expecting you to meet the same need for me? If your answer is no, then you should probably stop making such requests.

Now, some of you might be thinking about something too far or something expensive but it doesn't have to be expensive or unaffordable. Let's take another example. Let's say we aren't dating, we're just friends - whether online or physically. Both of us have a monthly income of 20,000 naira and you ask me to get something of 5,000 naira for you. Why do you think I should get that thing for you when it'll take 25 percent of my earning? Can you do the same for me when I ask you? Why don't you want to use your money? You have other things to do right? So as a guy, you don't think I also have other things to do with the money? Or are you asking because you see yourself as less privileged?

Well, it's getting long and I have to stop at this point. Don't mind my long rant, I've just let out my thoughts. Please drop your comments and let me know what you think about the issue. Comments from ladies are also welcome.


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