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How To Put To Work The Things You Learn In Church

One of the things that makes Christianity or the church boring to people is that they never really get to practice what they learn in Church, they just go to church on Sundays, listen to the sermons and after everything just drop their Bibles and sermon notes somewhere till the next Sunday. If you live your Christian life this way, you will never enjoy it and you will never be on fire for God. Therefore, it is important that we learn how to put to work the things we learnt in church so that we don't fall out of the faith or be referred to as "hearers only".
Before we proceed, you must know that for you to put something to work, you must have learnt it first and then for you to learn, you must have positioned yourself in a learning center. And where is the learning center for God's word? The church. So this means that you must not miss church services because the church is the place you'd learn the things you ought to put to work. Also make sure you always take n…

7 Signs That Your Girlfriend Will Lead You Into Poverty

Some girls are just naturally destroyers of destiny. When they come to you, things just start to go down the drain without you even noticing. And when these happens to boys, most times they are blinded by love and do not even know the signs.

6 Reasons You Need A Pastor In Your life

In today's world where there is lack of respect for spiritual authority and so much bad talks and accusation about men of God, people find it difficult to refer to a particular person as their pastor or man of God probably for the fear of being deceived or duped by the Pastor or being seen as a weak fellow for having "a Pastor". 

7 Ways To Know When Your Smartphone Is "Using" You

You might be wondering how this can be possible.  How can something inanimate use a person? But it is very possible. I'll call it a "spirit". Your Smartphone can actually be using you without you knowing and you may keep on deceiving yourself and be thinking you are the one using it.

6 Annoying Ways Girls Behave When You Don't Give Them The Attention They Desire

I made a post sometime ago on signs to look out for when a girl likes you. This is a kind of continuation of that post, this is what happens when you ignore a girl who really likes you.