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Friday, 8 September 2017

6 Annoying Ways Girls Behave When You Don't Give Them The Attention They Desire

I made a post sometime ago on signs to look out for when a girl likes you. This is a kind of continuation of that post, this is what happens when you ignore a girl who really likes you. 

There are different types of ladies and they respond and react in different ways, so it may be different in your own situation but you'll find any girl exhibit at least two to three of these points. 

They start to hate you 

This happens mostly with the less matured ones. When you completely ignore or you don't give them the attention they desire, they start to have ill feelings towards you. And it gets bad when you now flirt or flock around with other girls in their presence. It even gets worse when they know the girl you now go out with and they could kill you if they happen to have a beef with the girl before.

They gossip and tell others wrong things about you. 

"That guy is such a fool", "He's so mannerless", "He's so full of himself". These are the kind of expressions they'll use to describe you anytime they have the opportunity. Whenever they see you do anything wrong or make any mistake, they'll hold on to it and keep using it against you. 

They say when a girl truly loves you, she does everything for you when when she hates you, hmmm.

They ignore you completely 

Only the emotionally matured ones can do this. Once they've tried all what they can to get your attention and see that you're not looking at them at all or they see that you're too busy with other girls to have time for them, they just begin to act like you do not exist anymore. You won't see them staring at you the way they do anymore and they won't seek your attention in anyway. And whenever they greet you, they'll do it briefly and try not to make eye contact with you.

They start getting closer to your friends and house around you. 

In a bid to get you jealous and finally give them your attention, they will get close to your close friends and will display affection to them in your presence and if this does not work, they move to number five. 

They get more desperate 

Now they've been doing it the easy way and you've refused to yield, some of them might get more desperate for you just the same way playing hard to get by girls makes some guys get more interested in them. So they will do all they can do which may include putting on skimpy dresses in order to seduce you ( Read here: 7 Signs That A Girl Is Trying To Seduce You) and some very weak girls may even get depressed because of you. 

They remain forever silent. 

Some instead of getting desperate or hating you just keep it inside them forever and keep admiring you secretly until you're totally out of their sight. And for some, their attraction to you will fizzle out with time.

You can agree or not leave without dropping your comments. 

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