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Friday, 15 September 2017

7 Ways To Know When Your Smartphone Is "Using" You

You might be wondering how this can be possible.  How can something inanimate use a person? But it is very possible. I'll call it a "spirit". Your Smartphone can actually be using you without you knowing and you may keep on deceiving yourself and be thinking you are the one using it.

When you get so addicted to something and it begins to control you, it becomes your Lord. In simpler terms, this is how to know when you're addicted to your Smartphone.
Sometimes, one can get addicted to his/her smartphone for the right reasons especially when it's for business or educational purposes. There are lots of online business which one can transact using phones today and also lots of educational materials one can also find online. Your smartphone can also be useful for you in studying as most schools now recommend E-books in form of PDFs and DOCs. You could also get addicted to your phone for the wrong reason, probably, unnecessary chats on social networks like Facebook, Snapchat etc or wasting time on editing pictures for Instagram and co. You can read my earlier post here on "How your Smartphone can be affecting you badly".

Below are signs for you to know you're addicted wrongly to your Smartphone

It is the first thing you pick in the morning.
This happens almost everyday. Your phone is always the first thing you reach out for once your eyes pops open in the morning. You first check through your Whatsapp messages, your Facebook notifications and emails even without remembering to say your morning prayers.

It is the last thing you use before you sleep.
There's no need to talk too much on this point, when you're addicted to your phone, you even sleep off while using it most times.

You always hold it even when you don't need it.
When you get so used to your phone, you'll find yourself always holding it when you don't even have need for it. For example, you might find yourself taking it to the toilet when you are not even using it for anything urgent it or expecting any call.

You keep charging it always
It surprises me when people with phones which have strong battery capacities always have their phone plugged. They are always afraid to have it go low, not because they'll lose anything if it is but because they can't just stand a minute without touching the phone. The thing that baffles me much is seeing someone who has a quite good history of electricity where he/she lives still having two to three powerbanks when he doesn't use the phone for business except for social media, it's baffling.

You can't concentrate on anything else for long without thinking of your phone.
When you're addicted to your phone, you'll be surprised to find yourself missing it even when you're in a serious situation where it is useless.

You can spend your last dime on it.
Some will rather prefer to go hungry than go a day without surfing the internet. My question for you is "That thing you're doing online, will it affect your future if you leave it for sometime?" If it will not, then be wise.

You feel restless whenever you're without it.
For some who use phones for reading or business purposes, it's okay to feel a bit bad sometimes when you need to use the phone and you don't have it but the thing about this business minded people is that they will find something else to pass time; whether by writing their business strategies first on paper or brooding upon their next moves. But someone else who doesn't need it to survive may even start feeling sick if he doesn't get to use the phone for a day and that shows wrong addiction.

I'll drop my pen at this junction, feel free to add yours or ask your questions.

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