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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mark Ignored His Mother All His Life But In Her Coffin He Found Something He Didn’t Know He’d Lost

Their love is the easiest to take lightly because they must continue to show sincere love and care for their children in spite of the reactions they get. And it’s truly a miracle how they get hurt by the actions and words of their errant kids so often; only to love these kids all over again.

She never missed his games. Each time she was there, she ensured she sat close to the side-lines where she could holler at him to put in his best and shine in the game. Once when Mark was in a huddle with his teammates, he was asked who had been hollering. His reply? “I’ve never seen her before my very eye”
Growing up, Mark scarcely regarded his mum, the things she said, or the love she showed him. Don’t get it wrong, he loved her. He just never appreciated the depth of her love for him.
Mark rolled with the wrong company, did the wrong stuffs, and even Od’ed on three different occasions. On such occasions, she was there to help him. In his words, ‘The greatest gift my mum ever gave to me was that she believed in me’.
Mark was always in the company of losers and became the biggest loser in the squad because he gave up on his dreams for the fleeting pleasures of what he once thought was great company.
He’d come home drunk and high from a drinking spree with his buddies between 2am and 4am to meet the lights in his house on and his mum waiting up for him. Then she’ll ask to speak with him because she hadn’t seen him all day and she needed to know her son was fine.
But he’ll ignore her request and ask to be left alone, because it seemed to him then that she was bugging him. Those conversations will often end with him slamming the door – leaving her sad and forlorn.
Many years later, Mark eventually understood how important she was to him and the sheer fact that all she wanted from him those years was to talk to him.
So early one morning in Hiroshima Japan, after a wrestling match, He received an august call. Then he heard a knock at his hotel room door and met with someone who asked him to go home urgently without stating why.
Mark returned to the phone call and learned that his mum had died.
At her funeral, He peered into a casket and saw his mum lying as beautiful as ever. Only he couldn’t have her anymore and tell her he was sorry for the times he hurt her.
Today, many years after retiring from wrestling, Mark visits many schools where he shares his story with teenagers who have the opportunity he once took for granted.
If you still have someone to call a mother, then you shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to do for her now what Mark didn’t do for his mum.

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